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¡Entrevista a Helena hablando en español!

Durante su estancia en la apertura del parque temático de Wizarding World of Harry Potter este periodista le hace un par de preguntas a Helena y ella le responde en español! Nos ha encantado verla así de cómoda con el idioma (:


Interviewer: Helena how are you? I have to say it in Spanish because is for Tele Mundo.
Helena: A little tired but pleased to… i forgot all my spanish…
Interviewer: Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
Helena: Yeah, exactly.
Interviewer: Your Spanish is actually amazing!
Helena: No, it isn’t.
Interviewer: No, is good!
Helena: I learnt it in the school and also my grandfather was Spanish.
Interviewer: To finish, do you know some spell in Spanish?
Helena: No.
Interviewer: Abracadabra…
Helena: That’s not Abracadabra. I could do the Avada Kedabra, but that’s too dangerous.
Interviewer: In Spanish cartoons they say Abracadabra.
Helena: Abracadabra, yeah, but that’s just cheesy. And no, you are talking to a real witch.
Interviewer: Oh, okay.
Helena: You don’t take them in vain.

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